1.1 Getting Java

As pretty as HAL’s source code is, your going to need at least the Java8 JDK (Java Development Kit) installed to do anything with it.

To check if the JDK is installed, open a command line/terminal/cmd window and enter

java -version
javac -version

If both of these commands print 1.8anything or later, you’re good to go. If not, get the latest Java JDK by googling it or from the oracle website.


You don’t need to download the demos and samples.

1.2 Getting the Framework Source Code

To download the framework java files, go to


and click the clone or download button to get a zip file containing the source code along with the included examples.

unzip this folder and put it somewhere easily accessible.

1.3 Getting Intellij IDEA

Intellij idea is my favorite ide for programming in Java, and it probably should be yours too (https://dzone.com/articles/why-idea-better-eclipse). It can be downloaded here:


make sure you download the community edition, unless you really don’t know what to do with your grant money.

1.4 Setting up the Project

  1. Open Intellij Idea and click “create project from existing sources” (“file/ new/ project from existing sources” from the main gui) and direct it to the unzipped AgentFramework Source code directory.
  2. Continue through the rest of the setup, you can basically click next until it asks for the Java sdk:
  • /Library/ Java/ JavaVirtualMachines/” on mac.
  • C:\ Program Files\ Java\” on windows.

  1. Once the setup is complete we will need to do one more step and add some libraries that allow for 2D and 3D OpenGL visualization:
  2. open the Intellij IDEA main gui
  3. go to “file/ project structure
  4. click the “libraries” tab
  5. use the minus button to remove any pre-existing library setup
  6. click the plus button, and direct the file browser to the “Framework/ lib” folder.
  7. click apply or ok

This will setup the classes, sources, and native library locations that OpenGL needs. Try running the “Examples/Example3D” program in the examples folder to see that everything is working properly

If you think that the colorscheme that comes with Intellij leaves something to be desired, you’re not alone. try “File/ import settings” and give it the NinjaTurtleScheme.jar file in the top level folder.