Class InteractiveModel

  • public class InteractiveModel
    extends UIWindow
    • Field Detail

      • vis

        public final UIGrid vis
    • Constructor Detail

      • InteractiveModel

        public InteractiveModel​(TreatableTumor myModel,
                                int nSteps,
                                int stateSaveFreq,
                                int visX,
                                int visY,
                                int visScale,
                                int timeScaleY,
                                int intensityScaleX,
                                int stepMSmax,
                                boolean redrawOnTreatmentSwitch,
                                boolean quickStart)
    • Method Detail

      • TogglePause

        public void TogglePause()
      • CheckValidModel

        public void CheckValidModel()
      • DrawTimeline

        public void DrawTimeline()
      • ToPercent

        public java.lang.String ToPercent​(double prop)
      • ToScore

        public int ToScore​(double toxProp,
                           double treatProp)
      • DrawIntensityLines

        public void DrawIntensityLines()
      • PlanToHistory

        public void PlanToHistory​(int step)
      • InvalidateHistory

        public void InvalidateHistory​(int tick)
      • GetFirstDivergence

        public int GetFirstDivergence​(int max)
      • JumpStep

        public void JumpStep​(int jumpStep)
      • RunNextStep

        public void RunNextStep()
      • GetTick

        public int GetTick()
      • RunGui

        public void RunGui()
        Description copied from class: UIWindow
        starts the gui thread and reveals the gui to the user
        RunGui in class UIWindow